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6 Tips For The Perfect Waterfront Wedding Dinner

July 30th, 2015

Summer is the best time to have a waterfront wedding where you will enjoy without expecting rain or maybe snow which would mean cold and not being able to enjoy the wedding. You could be able to easily arrange such a wedding if you have organized some outdoor event before but just in case you have not, below are some tips to make it a grand success.

  1. The venue

You should try to get your venue in an area that will have sufficient recreational opportunities. For instance, try to get a space that could host a playground for the children but the biggest challenge is that you will be having the wedding out door and you can almost not predict the weather. The best way to make sure that is catered for; you can get a tent erected. In case that is not possible, you could get a venue with a natural shelter close by so people could run to it should it rain.

  1. Proper communication

Waterfront weddings are outdoor weddings and such an event should not be too far away from a locality. Guests who came to the wedding using public means of transport might have a hard time getting to and from the wedding. For those who have their personal transport, you should ensure that the venue has ample parking. Look into these small details that will ensure everyone is comfortable and content at your waterfront wedding Vancouver.

  1. Theme and decoration

You should try to match the theme of the wedding with the image you have at your waterfront venue. You could try to combine a rich texture pattern to match the kind of flowers there to make it look chic and glamorous. You could also try some bright table cloths

  1. Lighting

If the place does not have so much wind you can light some candles or you could simply have some hanging lanterns either for light or simply to decorate.

  1. The comfort of your guests

No one really wants to sit on bare ground so make sure you get enough seats for all your guests and you could get those modular arrangements that are really trendy and they tend to save up some space. Sanitation is also one of those things you simply cannot forget. This is a very crucial element and more for a wedding, make sure that the rest rooms are lean and hygienic with fresh towels as well as hand washes and tissue papers.

  1. Plan B

You might also want to have some backup plans like in the case of a generator, you would not want to be disappointed in the middle of the event because the was power shortage, ensure that you have a generator and that it will be running when the time comes and you need it.

Thanks To Dockside Restaurant For their help on this blog.